Vase and Sun

Once a month I highlight a piece of art I have created and posted on my Fine Art America site. This one is titled Vase and Sun, from the Abstract Art Collection. It is chalk pastel and marker on paper.

Charles Bukowski

Faye Dunaway, Charles Bukowski and Mickey Rourke on the set of the movie Barfly

Mickey Rourke is one of my favorite 1980’s actors. When I saw him in the movie Barfly I thought his performance was mesmerizing. I had never heard of the real life poet and author he was playing a version of, Charles Bukowski. Several years later I came across Bukowski’s name again and a reference to Barfly, and decided to learn more about him. Bukowski lived from 1920 to 1994, much of that time in Los Angeles. He worked odd jobs, was a letter carrier for a while then a clerk at the post office. He wrote poetry on the side, getting published in avant garde magazines and by small presses. Eventually he gave riotous poetry readings and wrote a newspaper column. Black Sparrow Press gave him his big break, publishing his writing from 1969 on. I have read four of his novels and lost count of how many of his poetry collections I have enjoyed. Trying to sum up why I like reading him so much is hard, maybe because you have to admit you have enjoyed living vicariously in his slobby, drunken, violent, wasteland of a world. At the same time you are treated to such honesty, beauty, longing and tenderness in his writing that the contradictions almost seem impossible to be contained in the same man. He claimed he would have to wait for the muse to come to him and inspire his writing. “Don’t try,” was his advice on creativity. It is the epitaph on his tombstone.

The Roundup

Our view to the east

I subscribed to the Taste of Home newsletter just a few months ago and I have been overwhelmed by recipes and cooking ideas. When they bundle a type of recipe to include in their mailing it will have 10 to 100 varieties. (example: 55 Chicken Skillet Recipes) You can use the recipes as is or cobble together your own version from the many they offer. A site worth your attention.

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex. We are a community of learning and the opener of doors. Join us on a voyage of discovery in person or learn and explore online.” I have been a reader of their excellent magazine for years. You can subscribe to their free newsletter here.

Artcyclopedia is searchable database of 9,000 listed artists, 2,900 indexed art sites and 160,000 links to other sites. You can search by name, artwork title or art museums.

I think I remember reading some movie reviews years ago by Joe Bob Briggs, but I had not thought of him since then. Somehow I recently rediscovered him and have really been enjoying his writing. He offers much more than that on his offical site.

Have a good weekend!

Camping Checklist

My old F-150 truck with camper at one of our favorite camping spots

I first went camping as a small child in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s with my parents and siblings, but I don’t remember much. A good friend and I picked it up as adults in the early 1980’s, learning most everything from scratch, slowly assembling needed equipment. By the time my wife and I began camping with our kids we had all of the basics, but continued to add and upgrade. A camping checklist became a must for us for planning and packing, and the list was refined and revised multiple times over the years. The following is the basic, early version of the list. Other lists we use today are very detailed and run several pages.

Camping Checklist













With the exception of “Camera/Film” it is still a pretty solid list to build from. Get outside this weekend!

The Buck List

Screenshot of The Buck List

I started a blog in September of 2008 named The Buck List, about saving and making money. Blogging was a new experience, one I had to figure out as I went along. I assumed the pseudonym of Buck Weber, because I was not brave enough yet to use my real name on the internet. The name came from making or saving a Buck, on the Web. I eventually developed a writing schedule, and stuck to it, modifying as the blog continued. I monetized the blog, learned about SEO, keywords, and so on. I commented on other blogs and websites, featured other sites, hosted guest writers, entered blog carnivals, and in general engaged with my niche internet community. I had a great time, thinking up new angles on subjects, creating series, linking here and there, and writing regularly. Gradually the burnout crept up on me and by June of 2011 I was done writing within the self imposed confines of personal finance. I was not enjoying it anymore and I decided if I would ever undertake this kind of thing again it would be more wide ranging; I would write about whatever I wanted.

So check out the old blog, I think there is some good stuff there. And I hope you return to this one, because there is much more to come.

Osborn’s Checklist

Breaking Through By David Jacobi

AF Osborn originated brainstorming, and created this checklist to help with the process.

The Checklist:

Put to other uses? As it is?… If modified?..

Adapt? Is there anything else like this? What does this tell you? Is the past comparable?

Modify? Give it a new angle? Alter the colour, sound, odour, meaning, motion, and shape?

Magnify? Can anything be added, time, frequency, height, length, strength? Can it be duplicated, multiplied or exaggerated?

Minify? Can anything be taken away? Made smaller? Lowered? Shortened? Lightened? Omitted? Broken up?

Substitute? Different ingredients used? Other material? Other processes? Other place? Other approach? Other tone of voice? Someone else?

Rearrange? Swap components? Alter the pattern, sequence or layout? Change the pace or schedule? Transpose cause and effect?

Reverse? Opposites? Backwards? Reverse roles? Change shoes? Turn tables? Turn other cheek? Transpose ‘+/-‘?

Combine? Combine units, purposes, appeals or ideas? A blend, alloy, or an ensemble?

A Kiss

Urania By David Jacobi

A Kiss

A kiss

Runs to my lips

Who is it looking for

What does it want

Does it know

Where it is going

Has it been anywhere

Is it happy

Or sad

Or some place in between

A kiss

Is ready to leave me

It might win

Or loose

It might not care

A kiss

Is coming

Are you ready

(2000) By David Jacobi

I began writing poems as a kid, and have enjoyed creating them, off and on, ever since. Poetry is hard to appreciate, or even read, because it is the jottings of people who are out of their minds. Not crazy, there is a difference. Many people can not lose themselves, get out of their minds, because the many distractions of life don’t allow them much free time. Poets make the time to wander, wonder, ponder, lose themselves and go out of their minds. I am going to share one of my poems a month. Most of them are pretty short, and they can’t compare to the works of the good poets that made a living out of writing poetry. I like to dabble here and there while occasionally going out of my mind.