Dreaming and Yearning

A few of the books we have collected over the years in anticipation of country living

Shelly comes from a country and small town beginning, and I am a born and bred city boy. When we bought our house in the city we settled in and raised our two kids, experiencing school events, sports, plays, scouts, friends and neighbors, family and work. Typical lives, with the same ups and downs as everyone else. Shelly was able to work from home for a few years and I worked for the same company downtown for over 18 years. The country dream came over us slowly. We gardened in our small plot under the large oak tree next to the garage, and canned and froze what we grew. We joined with some family and bought beef several times from a locker to store in our upright freezer. We built up and maintained a large pantry in the basement, including water. We cooked from scratch, and planted beautiful perennials around our yard. Over the years we amassed every kind of yard, garden and power tools we could use, and some we couldn’t, just in case. Every Sunday afternoon, weather permitting, we took the kids out to a park. Several times a year we would camp, and for a few years we would take a family vacation up north or head west. We would marvel at the wide open spaces, and the big sky at night. I kept collecting and reading homesteading, gardening, wildlife and how to books, and Shelly and I began to talk more and more about getting out of the city. Dreaming turned to yearning. Now that it has happened not everything is exactly what we expected (last winter especially) but we feel right at home here in the country.