Map of Iowa

The lady we were buying the acreage from asked for two months to close so she could have a sale and move. I got the impression she did not think her property would sell so quickly. Shelly and I had plenty of time to begin packing and preparing our house for the market. Our house was paid for and we decided we would take our time moving so we could do most of it ourselves and not be rushed. Shelly had to keep coming back to the city anyway to work a set number of days in the office for her job. I had been working out of our home for a few years so I would be able to travel back and forth with her and stay in the old house, getting our two minivans packed for our next trip back to the acreage. So we would drive two fully loaded vans the 100 miles to our new acreage, unload, stay the weekend, then drive both vans back to the old house and do it all over again. As we cleared out the old house I would also make the mostly cosmetic repairs needed so that once it was empty it would be ready to sell. The money from the sale of the old house would pay off the mortgage we would have on the acreage. A simple and easy plan that turned out not to be so easy.